Your Audio Instantly Delivered In An App

kookoo delivers your audio in a branded app.

The kookoo app allows you to give or sell your audio to clients & customers.

Choose your subscription (30 days free. no contract), create an account, upload your information & tracks and your content is instantly available in the kookoo app.

kookoo is free to download on the iOS, Google Play & Amazon App Stores.

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Designed With Therapists & Their Clients In Mind



The kookoo app:

  • is free for clients and customers on iOS and Android.

  • tracks are downloaded, not streamed - the audio plays without mobile data or wifi usage.

  • the app can play “screen off” allowing use last thing at night.

  • contains live links to your email and website.

  • can contain one or multiple tracks - you decide.

  • allows you to send different tracks to every client.

  • social media links coming soon


“This is the tool I’ve been waiting for.”

D Wilson - Meditation Teacher


Monthly Subscription

£12.00 per month

Try free for 30 days

300 monthly downloads included

Month to month contract


Annual Subscription

£108 per year 25% discount

Try free for 30 days

300 monthly downloads included

Yearly contract